19 May, 2011

The help of a new Angers committee of DSK's supporters could be much more needed than foreseen

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A few days before the Dominique Strauss Kahn's case erupted in the world press, several Angers politicians had sep up a committee aimed at the promotion of DSK candidacy to the French presidential elections. Their desire was, or may be always is, to invite Angers inhabitants to convince the former minister, and still head of the International monetary fund, to be candidate in 2012. According to many medias, French or from abroad, the probabilities of a DSK candidacy for the France presidential elections are scarce, even if the French former minister is acquicted of his charges.

The facts occured last week dismantle absolutely the belief of the Angers DSK supporters. These claimed : "if the PS doesn't choice Strauss Kahn, it goes directly in the wall. DSK is the best candidate to introduce the project of,the left at the first and second rounds". May be that party has another point of view today. Nevertheless, in front of difficult times in weeks and monts, it is possible DSK, guilty or innocent, will desperately need support. And the Angers committe will have the opportunities to demontrate him its friendship.

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