09 May, 2011

Schedules of universitarian libraries and restaurants do not fit to the needs of students

While many students are preparing their final exams of May and June, all the universitarian libraries of Angers are closed on sundays. Nevertheless, the schedules of these libraries are quite large. In Angers, the Belle-Beille library, dedicated to litterature and sciences is opened from mondy to saturday and close at night at 20 h 30. And the Saint-Serge library, accessible on the same days closes from monday to tuesday at 22 h 30. These schedules would be larger than many others equipments in France. But is that sufficient?

And what about the four universitarian restaurants? The Belle-Beille, the Gabare (Near the law campus), the medecine and the Beaux- Arts are opened from monday to friday (the Gabare is open on saturday midday) but all are closed on sundays. So how do the students do for work and eat?
In England, universitarian libraries are frequently opened on sundays and are accessible during a part of the night. If Angers university want to differenciate from other campus, it could wisely reconsider some of its old rules.

The same observation is valuable for the transportation network between the Belle-Beille campus and Angzrs down town and many students complain that this line shuts too early while many others are closed on sunday. While the students counts for more than 10% of the Angers populatin, the city and its universty should agree on better services to their students.

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