04 May, 2011

Young Japanese pastry cookers in Angers and West to develop their skills

Chin, a Japanese student in French pastry came back in Angers where he got an internship in the store of a craftman, famous in that city, in France and even abroad. He stayed in the capital of Anjou for a year in 2010 and then went in Nantes where he completed his education in another cake shop. Having met the family where fellow citizens studying French at the Université catholique de l'Ouest were hosted, Chin decided to pay a visit.

One more time, he brought a cake with him. It was a tasteful citrus fruit pastry wrapped in a black chocolate skin topped with a macaron. Chin, 28 years old, is pastry cook in Japan and decided to develop his skills in what is at the same time a work and an art.

During a first period, he worked as a baker. He had long and very busy days, sometimes during the weekends and met there other trainees. After nearly a year, Chin joined another Nantes pastry cooker where he met others fellow citizens and that time dedicated all his hours to confection pastries.

Before leaving France, he will take time for a little visit of that country, in Lyon and Mojtpellier where he has friends and give to his hosts in Angers courses of macaron.

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