22 May, 2011

The new Angers Loire Valley brand has a lot of work ahead

"Often dubbed "Black Angers" due the murky stone and dark slate used in its buildings the riverside city is the eastern gateway to the Loire valley"... In this excerpt from "Discover France" edited by Lonely planet and brought by Us tourists, the city is not particularly emphasized. If it seems that the positioning of the new brand Angers Loire Valley is appropriated, because Angers is clearly linked to the Loire universe, the city of its own has a lot of progress to do to attract people from abroad.

The main points of interest of the city, described in a guide regarding France are the "Angers brooding black- stone chateau" which gives the impression of hostile and abandoned monument, the Tenture de l'Apocalypse which "recounts the story of the day of judgment from start to finish" and, after the David d'Angers gallery, the "Maisons des vins de l'Anjou for   the lowdown on local vintages and tips on where to buy Anjou and Loire wines". And the picture of the page is on a Fontevraud abbey dilapidated gallery... 

It could be more uselful for Angers to look on what is written abroad to the city than answering a umpteenth time its own inhabitants about the assets of their town, because there is some progress to do.

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