30 April, 2011

English inhabitants of Angers toasted the new royal couple

The moment was waited for a long time and the English hosts living in the surroundings of Angers have planned all the details in order the evening in the honour of the marriage of Prince William and his wife, the duchesse of Wales, be a success. Dozens of Union Jack and some pictures of the "just married" were hanged to the ceilings of the dining room where, ont a tv set, the images of the royal wedding day were transmitted. In order to emphasize the English caracter of the party, all the guests, English and French were dressed with an English touch.

                                                                          Many of the comments were about the choice of England to keep his monarchistic regime and the likelyhood Prince William be the direct successor of Queen Elizabeth II instead of his father, Charles, prince of Wales, who could have disappointed the subjects of Her Gracious Majesty because of his infidelity to the late Lady Diana. Nobody raised obextions that England stays as a monarchy which, thanks to Wolliam, may become more contemporary than before.

So the happiness the royal wedding brought in England had visibly crossed the Channel at the end of the dinner when came the time, after the jelly fruit salad, to toast to the new royal couple. In several other places of Angers, English speaking people celebrated the event. That was the cas at the English speakng library in Angers and, outside the city, in the region of Baugé where a couple of Brithish residents in that town organize every year an opera festival.

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