01 December, 2013

The openness about openings on two Sundays before Christmas now implemented

Their success looks pale under the illuminations of Angers down town streets for the weeks to come. The little poster appears here and there on the entrances of stores.  The sentence "I am opened the Sundays before Christmas" is just above two dates : December 15th, December 22th both of them marked with a cross. If, apparently, the poster is not visible on all the front windows, it is sure that the experience some of them will attempt until the end of the year will be studied and, if successful, be enlarged.

After the territorial authorities passed a regulation which prevented store owners to open their shops the last Sundays of the year, the Groupement d'entente du commerce led a petition in order to get that possibility, pointing out the difficulties caused by the works of the tramway and the increase of car parks fares (for their customers and their employees) with, in the background, the competition of the commercial centres.

A clear openness was visible from the Angers town council with the arrival of the new mayor, Frédéric Béatse, himself having said that, about that topic, he would not be "dogmatic". So a move has been done and the store owners considered it as "historical". The operation "Suns of winter", which was inaugurated that weekend, attacted a lot of people. The increase of the attendance led to an increase of the number of wooden huts what proves that for many Angers housholds to go for shopping on Sundays is also a family pastime.

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