02 December, 2013

The first decrease ot unemployment recorded in Angers and surroundings for months

For the first time for months, and maybe for more than a year, the unemploy-ment rate recorded a decrease of 3% at the end of October in Angers and surroundings while, in Maine-et-Loire, the trend had a more marked orientation with -3.8%. This is the best evolution of all the Pays de la Loire region where the average trend is rather -1.6%. At the national level, the same evolution is noticed : the number of persons having no job at all lowered by 20 500 in October.

If the news is good for Angers and the Maine-et-Loire, its simultaneity with the national figures may indicate that there is no specific reason of such an improvement at the local level. Nevertheless, the arrival of that slight decrease is favourable to the end of year perspectives in consumption, which is itself an indication of the confidence of people for the months to come. As a symbol, several front windows of Angers down town have recently been
purchased and will soon offer new services to the Angers customers. On another side, local companies won a prize for their dynamism. In the construction field, cranes are still present in the urban landscape.This is not sufficient but it nevertheless may indicate the beginning of an economic recovery of the territory. Of course the recent announcement regarding the Ardoisières d'Angers closing wil not interfere favourably with statistics and the Angers region is far from to be released from the unemployment.

Statistics at local level do not disclose which categories of jobless people benefit from the trend. Until today, young people were the most severly hit by unemployement. The quality of education regularly awarded to Angers should trigger such an evolution. But that one is not yet confirmed. [Credit pictures : Angers city, Wikipedia]

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