07 December, 2013

Laurent Gérault unveils his programme for the Angers retail trade sector in spite of political contingencies

While an alliance inside the centre, between the Angers sec-tions of the Union des démocrates indépendants (Udi) and the Mouve-ment démo-crate (Modem) is far from to be sure, while an agreement of one of these two parties, or both, with the Union pour une majorité populaire candidate, Christophe Béchu, is not yet concluded, Laurent Gérault, the Udi candidate to the next municipal elections, makes public his programme. On December 6th, the issue of his press conference was dedicated to the retail stores. Such a policy would be implemented in four directions : the access to parking lots, the relationship between the city council and the retail store owners, fiscal measures in favour of the latests and new commercial facilities in down town.

Laurent Gérault
 Mr. Gérault plans to dedicate € 3 or 4 millions to a redevelopment of the main Angers squares and a revision of the car park policy with a free first hour and the setting up of parking lots charged minute by minute. The Udi candidate also wants to bring back to public access 300 car parks until now dedicated to representatives or civil servants of Angers town hall or the Conseil général. These facilities had been at the core of a controversy one year ago. Laurent Gérault also wishes a better understanding with Angers store owners. He plans to assign four municipal policemen at their disposal and a toll-free number.

After the stores' managers complained for years about the difficulty to work in down town, the candidate suggests to grant them a reduction of their fiscal pressure, and specifically in favour of the new stores. Finally, two facilities would be set up. The first, a permanent covered food market, would take place in Imbach square where, a long time ago, another one was set up there. The second would be located in the touristic district of La Cité which would host an arts and crafts house. Mr Gérault also introduced one of his future deputy-mayor, Katarzyna Barska-Alibert, lawyer.

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