11 December, 2013

Angers Chu cooperation with Malian doctors may make them self-sufficient in heart surgery

After the warm down in Bamako, the Mali capital Angers is twinned with for years, the cooperation between the two cities has resumed, specifically in the medical field. A team of the universitarian hospital centre of Angers was recently there in other to help the Malian doctors in the development of heart surgery. The professor Jean-Louis De Brux of the Chu of Angers carried out with Malian surgeons of the Point G hospital close-heart surgical interventions on four children between two and six years old.

Prof. Jean-Louis De Brux
According to L'Essor, a Mali newspaper," that achievement could accelerate the development of open-heart surgery in the point G hospital". Some of the Malian surgeons who have been taught in Angers by Mr. De Brux urged their government to fit the Point G hospital with equipment allowing them to treat more than 2 000 children.

The idea of a cooperation between Angers and Bamako in the medical field appeared in 2008. Since, Angers hosts every year Malian heart surgeons to get a specialisation and since 2009, the Jean-Louis De Brux team goes every year to Bamako to treat children for free until 2012. During their last travel to Mali, the Angers surgeons have been welcomed by the Malian health ministry. After Malian surgeons and anaesthetists have been educated in France, the development of the heart surgery in the Point G hospital depends now on up-to-date kits and constant electricity supply.

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