10 December, 2013

The tree symbolizing the separation of religion and policy once again destructed

In the eyes of the Angers mayor, as probably, in those of many other inhabitants, the new act of destruction against the secularism tree, once again planted last saturday, has nothing to do with "simple" vandalism. An oak, Frédéric Béatse put in the ground of Lorraine square on December 7th, has once again been beheaded during the previous night.

The beheaded tree lit by candels
Visibly horrified, Mr. Béatse, who paid tribute to Nelson Mandela in the eponym school of Les Hauts de Saint-Aubin district on December 10th, felt that "there is no doubt about the symbolic will of the perpetrators who lead an anti-republican guerilla from day to day. These people must be convinced that we shall never be impressed by their violence. They must know that I shall once again plant that tree, and so as long as it will be necessary".

The first time the secularism tree was destroyed was just the day after racists insults were pronounced against the justice minister, Christiane Taubira  during a short visit to Angers and the mayor had already said that such act was probably not pure coincidence. And in fact, the second destruction was on the anniversary day of a law getting separated church and state, religion and policy in December 9th 1905. A new tree will be set up there in the days to come, said the mayor warning "the enemies of the republic they will not prevail".

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