19 December, 2013

Christophe Béchu introduces his "business plan" for Angers down town stores

Credit picture : Angers Loire Métropole
Christophe Béchu, Union pour une majorité populaire (Ump) candidate to Angers mayor office, is accelerating the pace of his campaign on economic issues. On December 20th, he will meet the Angers business men about "the future of the territory and the first proposals to stimulate the employment and the economic dynamism". But just before, he published on his website his ideas to "Galvanize the commerce in down town and re-establish the relationships with retail store owners". Mr. Béchu puts forward four fields in which he will act during the next term

Credit Picture : Angers Béchu
"To renew the dialog with store owners" is the first. Considering the last years saw the break-up of the relationship between the city council and those managers, the candidate promises he will dedicate the revenues of the stores names tax (550 000 €/year) to the animation of shops in that district. He also plans to enlarge the Leclerc car park in order to give to the down town employees a specific space to their own cars. In another field ("To stimulate the commerce in down town"), the candidate aims at the widening the core of the town towards the Foch boulevard on one side and to the Maine banks on the other thank to the new square he wants to settle near the river. Moreover a no charged first car park hour will be instituted to attract customers.
Credit Picture : Angers Béchu

That stimulation of commerce, Christophe Béchu want to trigger it in the core of the different angers districts : all their central squares will be re-designed and cash dispensers will be set up there (what could make necessary an agreement with the banks). Regarding the last field (the stimulation of the commercial offer), Mr. Béchu wants new (and English sounding) brands be present in Angers (like a Kfc fast food or a Starbuck coffee). The Aimer Angers list considered that plan is "has been because it forces the city to match the car traffic requirements".

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