12 December, 2013

Tthe candidate Frédéric Béatse announces his projects for the attractiveness of Angers down town and territory

Frédéric Béatse, candidate to his own succession for the next municipal elections, having duly recorded theAimer Angers five new projects he wants to implement during the next term. All these schemes have in common the "heart of the Angevine agglomeration" because "the development of the core of the agglomeration is fundamental for the employment and the future of our territory", the website explains.
new pace of the electoral campaign noticed a few days ago, has announced on December 11th through the website

In that perspective, the most important is the continuation of the enlargement and the expansion of the railway Angers Saint-Laud. That facility "must be a pivot of Angers development and able to answer to the inhabitants' needs of mobility". A new step will consist in the building a second railway station located at the South of the current one, partly because the access to the facility from the North is already complicated. "Everything must be done to enforce that positive asset for the city" what officialy contradicts recent rumors about a possible bypass of Angers with a new line from Nantes. Angers can't be circumvented, points out Aimer Angers.

The new commercial center and its glass gallery
Another facility had already been promised by Mr Béatse, as Angers mayor : the cons-truction of a second tram-way line. Given the" positive impact" of the A line, the candidate considers the new one is "a priority Angers Loire Métropole will have to implement". Unlike most of the candidates, Frédéric Béatse wants it set up between Belle-Beille (the Technopole) and Monplaisir (Europe square) with a stop close to the railway station and a section along the Foch boulevard. The extensions of the line towards Beaucouzé and Saint-Sylvain d'Anjou (6 km saved up) would come after 2020.

The Maine banks projets is considered through the favourable economic consequences (and not only environmental) it must have on Angers with 600 000 m2 from 2014 and during the next 25 years. The place should be dedicated to "creative companies" with a specific building "the creative maket building"(6 000 m2) for companies involved in plants, electronic, pictures and contemporary music. That facility should be st up in 2016 or 2017. The Saint-Serge district will be redevelopped and a new "Maine square" drawn.

The attention of the candidate is also about the commercial activity of Angers down town Mr. Béatse doesn't want to let it drop. The critics about the mineral aspect of the Ralliement square have been listened and the candidate wants to make easier the access with "pedestrian circuits on the thematic of vegetable". The idea he (and Jean-Luc Rotureau) puts forward is the creation of a new commercial centre in place of the post office with "new brands to attract new consumers".

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