31 December, 2013

2013' shades of grey

2013 ended on Tuesday under a dark, low and rainy sky. After the windy weather the city experienced the previous days, heavy clouds obstructed any sunbeam to appear as if the current year had nothing good to give. Altough the Christmas illumations are still in position, the Ralliement square wooden huts are closed, leaving pedestrians as orphans. The items people were eager to buy to make gifts will be discounted soon as if, with the new year, the values of the old one had already vanished.

The electoral campaign, which accelerated with the multipli-cations of the candidacies, put in paren-thesis. But next week, the truce will be over and adversaries will again compete with proposals for 2014 and the five following years. The common will of all them all is to strenghen the attractiveness of the city. The most visible scheme is about the Maine banks. It aims to gather the city around its river and make its banks more accessible to inhabitants. Another one is taking shape near Saint-Laud railway station and looks to take care of visitors coming to Angers for business. While the Maine banks scheme is designed to embellish the city, the Gare+ scheme, wants to make Angers more connected to national and region decision centres.

The first building of that new district, a car park rather unsighty because its surroundings are far from complete, has been erected in 2013 and other facilities are planned. The place, where in a few months works about an hotel, offices and housings will be started, looks more to a no man's land than a window display for Angers. But, from the worst, the best may surge. And if from the top of the building the city was rather unpleasant to contemplate on December 31, new hopes and assets will come from the ground and the sky. Happy New Year!

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