05 December, 2013

Christophe Béchu sentences the Angers jail

Regularly criticized from both left and right Angers representatives because of its poor conditions, the jail located near the botanical garden looks to be sentenced. A few weeks ago, the justice minister, Christiane Taubira, after she received from local decision-makers and lawyers a project about the transfer of the current facility from Angers to Trélazé, answered them that the scheme would be examined... in spite of the severe tensions on the national resources.

Christophe Béchu has just rub in it, with his proposal to convert the jail into a museum dedicated to contemporary art. The idea consists in to tear down the outer wall in order to open the place to the district and to the city. The three wings of the current jail would be redeveloped and dedicated the first to the urban culture, the contemporary music, the second one would host paintings, sculptures and collages while the cells of the third wing would be used as workshops for artists. Mr. Bechu precises that the place would be connected to the second line of the tramway, what predicts an additional change from the route planned by the current majority.

The candidate want to see the jail transferred at Trélazé what would improve the current conditions of detention severely worsened by the over-population of prisoners and the old age of the facility. In a recent press release, the president of Angers Loire Métropole, Jean-Claude Antonini, threatened the Avrillé mayor, Marc Laffineur, former minister, to reveal the reasons why the Angers prison had not been transferred when that one was member of the government.

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