03 December, 2013

The opening of a café predicted on Foch boulevard may predict signs of its recovery

During his recent chat with Angers inhabitants on December 2nd, the mayor, Frédéric Béatse, has announced the opening, on Foch Boulevard, of an establishment member of a national chain of cafes. That arrival, after the opening of an hotel at the n°21 of the same way, indicates that few by few, one of the main avenues of Angers is recovering its attractiveness for investors. It is not the only one. Along the Roë street and until the Molière square, new stores or restaurants have just appeared or may do so in the weeks to come. And a few month ago, the Maine-et-Loire general council unveiled the project of a new building with a commercial gallery along the boulevard.

The Foch boulevard was itself severely hit by the successive disappearances of three cinemas, the last one having closed its doors on October 20th what led to debates about the means to revive that way among the candidates to the municipal elections. It is possible that one of the main leverages of that start of recovery be the tramway, now well included by inhabitants for their urban travels. Such an outcome may lead the candidates to confirm their interest to a second line.

Or course, the recovery of Angers trade center is far to be completed and the recent French debate about an enlarge-ment of possibilities for commer-cial openings on Sundays will for sure interfere with the current reflections regarding Angers down town. The construction of a new cinemas complex in Les Ponts-de-Cé, a city close to the south of Angers, which will be of course opened on Sundays(while it was said that L'Atoll, the commercial park located  at the North of the city, was favourable to include a cinema) will make necessary to find new ways to stimulate the recovery which is perhaps starting for Angers down town stores.

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