18 December, 2013

A new ranking favourable to the Angers university for the professional insertion of its students

A new survey published on December 18th by the French ministry of higher education has delivered, once again, a ranking favourable to the Angers university regarding the professional insertion of its students 30 months after the completion of their cursus. The degree of professional insertion is generally important for former Angers students whatever be the contents of their education.

In letters, arts and languages, the proportion of students having a job is 83% while in sciences and technology, that rate is 90%. Better results have been recorded in law, economy and management (91%) and above all in human and social sciences : 30 months after the end of their studies, 92% of the former students had a job.

Curiously, the late survey puts Angers in a specific position. While the French students involved in a scientific cursus generaly are the best incorportated in the active life, the lowest proportion recorded by Angers is in that field. Nevertheless, that survey confirms previous inquiries having demonstrated that the Angers university was one of the most efficient in France for its proportion of students having got their licence three years after the strat of the higher education cursus.

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