16 December, 2013

The facilities planned by two candidates to mayor office will make the voters' choice difficult

The explanations given on France 3 a few days ago by Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu, both of them candidates to the Angers mayor office, outline some of the major differences between their respective programmes as well as the topics on which the voters will make up their mind in March 2014. Some of the main projects which should be implemented by one or another will be sources of debates and disagreements during the electoral campaign. The schemes regarding the banks of the river Maine and the second tramway route will be points of confrontations.

Mr. Béchu's vision of a future square along the Maine
If the two men agree about the interest to give a permanent access to to Maine banks to Angers inhabitants, their architectural and urban choices are different. Mr. Béchu has doubts (and more than doubts) about the ability to do so once the current speedway along the left bank will be filled and replaced by an aerial four lanes boulevard. "55 000 vehicles per day use that way and the project is to lower that traffic at less than 25 000. Where will the 30 000 other vehicles move?. That facility has already been paid. I suggest to cover the most central part of that speedway", he says. Mr. Béatse considers "thanks to that idea, Angers will have within 30 years, a look of the 70's".

Mr. Béatse opens a new car park at Saint-Laud
The route of the second tramway line and the previous issue are linked. According to Mr. Béatse, the new line must cross the Maine through the Basse-Chaîne bridge and then reaches the Saint-Laud station, something "necessary to strenghen the job of that facility". On the other side, Mr. Béchu opts for a crossing of the tramway by the Verdun bridge then a junction with the first line in a new square he wants to develop along the river. That line would later go towards the congress centre and then the future museum of contemporary arts he plans to set up where the jail is currently located. Both of them wish that the penitenciary be transferred to Trélazé.

Mr. Bechu plans to set up a museau where the jail is located
The economic situation is another field of dissent, so an issue voters will consider it on the election day. Both of them admitted they had no magic remedy to unemployment. Mr Béchu bets on "the gathering of all structures which currently depends on different authorities" and which are entrusted with the hunt for companies. Mr. Béatse points out that electronic is one of the way to replace the former Technicolor activity. "The professional electronic will replace the general public electronic", explained Frédéric Béatse.

A commercial centre Mr. Béatse plans in down town
The broadcast was also the theatre of cutting remarks in spite it was not a debate. Questioned about his multiple candidacies to elections, Mr. Béchu pointed out that it was better to have been a candidate several than a "putchist" a single one, a clear allusion to the way Mr. Béatse took office after Jean-Claude Antonini's resignation in 2012. The current mayor, himself asked about his election as mayor, pointed out that the procedure was perfectly legal and already implemented in other Western cities. After that one took cognizance of the fact Mr. Béchu was not in favour of a new stadium in case of the rise of the Angers Sco in 1st league, he nevertheless reminded that a few years ago his adversary was favourable to the building of such a new facility and considered it was not "responsible during an electoral campaign" to say that Angers was on a declining trend.

Invited to comment their logos, Mr. Béatse explained that the speech bubble of his one was "the symbol of the dialogue and the creativity", he wants to stimulate. Mr. Béchu also described his logo on which blues wavelets and plants are visible "they are the symbols of the two major issues of that campaign : the Maine and the botanical".

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