10 December, 2013

Angers centre store owners turn to the candidates to municipal elections

The members of the Groupement d'entente du commerce get themselves talked about. An essay about the history, the situation and the projects of the Angers down down store owners has been sent to all candidate to the next municipal elections. If the Gec president, Fabien Rebours, acknowledges that the openings of shops two Sundays before Christmas is something "historical and exceptional", nevertheless, that does not solve all the background problems the future city mayor will have to tackle.

According to Mr. Rebours, before the implemen-tation of the first tramway line, there were no relationships between store owners and town hall. For example, that one reminds they never got any information from town hall about the future traffic plan implemented after the completion of the tramway works. The project of a pavement tax in 2012 sparked things off. That one has been given up but car park fares have been increased. So Fabien Rebours wishes a new vision of the down town district from town hall " which considers that if a store vanishes, another arrives, so down town never dies".

But that could be wrong, explains the Gec president, who notices that there are no more fresh food stores in down town. Fisheries, butcher's shops, vegetables stores do not longer exist in town. So Mr. Rebours and the Gec members hope the candidate will read their essay and find in it "ideas to make life more pleasant". And they are sold for free!

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