23 December, 2013

Angers inhabitants opened to the end of year Sunday stores openings

Even if the final appraisals of the authorization given by Angers city to the settled stores to open two Sundays before Christmas are not drawn, it will be impossible for the next mayor to go back on the decision because of the crowd of inhabitants in the streets and in the shops of down town on December 22nd. The atmosphere was lively, in
spite of the weather and the economic situation, and in any case, totally different from the mood of the city on ordinary Sundays when stores are closed.

They were thousands of people in the central district and especially around the mobile wooden huts which, visibly, attract a lot of customers and pedestrians - as well as turnover - what benefits to neighbouring settled stores. Those, whatever be the items they sell, recorded a good attendance because - as all economic books teach it - the offer creates its own demand. So a lot of customers were looking for the gift of last-minute for kids and adults. 

None of the candidates to Angers mayor office will be able to forbid the wooden huts to open only two Sundays in December because these days are among the most profitable of the period given the Angers households do not work. The Servir Angers list understood it very well and in a press release promised it will maintain that principle for which inhabitants have already vote for, with their feet.

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