18 December, 2013

Maine banks settlement : the candidates make their stands

Credit Pictures : Grether-Phytolab
Anlysis and facts confirm that the opposition between the platforms of Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu will be focused on the Maine banks reconquest scheme. As mayor, the first, who considers that project is necessary to stenghen the attractiveness of the city, is about to introduce to the city council new works included in that scheme that would be implemented next year : the surroundings of the Angers rowing base, the Bout du Monde walkway and the plane trees alley of the La Rochefoucault square.

The same day, the tv channef Tf1 published on his website that "the major stake of the municipal elections is the battle about the Maine banks settlement. As Lille or Lyon, the current mayor wants to create a modern district to attract companies in Loire fronts. From 2015, 75 ha must be built. But the Ump opponent, Christophe Béchu contests that wide operation et considers it as unrealistic. The concurrent project should be detailed from the beginning of next year", writes Tf1.

The recent debates on the public channel France 3 was largely dedicated to that topic and Christophe Béchu had forecasted that evolution with new pages about his own vision of the Maine banks reconquest in his website he links moreover to the tramway second line.

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