04 December, 2013

Municipal campaign: Laurent Gérault and Jean-Luc Rotureau deploy their means

The candidates to the Angers municipal elections are intensifying their communication. After the main contenders to mayor office, Frédéric Béatse who opened a blog and his supporters a Facebook page, after Christophe Béchu who launched his website and opened a committee room in down town Angers, the outsiders, Laurent Gérault and Jean-Luc Rotureau started to deploy new means.

Laurent Gérault, who recently go the support of some Mou-vement démocrate (Modem) members and of Hervé de Charette, former minister, has just put online a new website "Servir Angers". The list, which had only recently a Facebook page, sets a "positive alternative" and puts forward an "involvement borne by a code of conduct". That one points out that "policy is not a job", so the list makes clear that its members will have responsabilities limited in time and in the number of mandates. Mr. Gerault demands to his running mates to live and pay their taxes in Angers. Changes in the way the city council works are also detailed as well as the vote of inhabitants for projects above € 10 millions. The candidate's programme aims at fighting against "the loss of status of Angers".

Jean-Luc Rotureau has on his side introduced a new mode of campai-gning through a van used as a mobile committee room in order to meet the Ange-vins. The van, decorated with the portait and the name of the candidate, starts his rounds on December 5th and Mr. Rotureau invites inhabitants and store owners to talk with him, what is a way to distance himself  "from candidates who open offices in down town". The districts Jean-Luc Rotureau will visit are listed on his website. Mr. Rotureau indicates he will announce few by few the members of his list between December and January.

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