06 December, 2013

The Angers centrists union looks to be a "wearying exercise"

Bernard Dupré
Did the Angers section of the Mouvement démocrate (Modem) choose the good way through an alliance with the candidate of the Union pour une majorité populaire (Ump), Christophe Béchu? And is that choice definitive? It is not sure after the statements of the general secretary of the Modem, Marc Fesneau, about the Angers municipal elections which see one part of the centrists, the Modem, joining Mr. Béchu, while the other part, the Union des démocrates indépendants (Udi), choose behind Laurent Gérault, their Maine-et-Loire delegate, to constitute a list.

Christophe Béchu
"I am looking for a date to come in Angers in order to meet one another. I don't want to give up the idea of a common list" between Udi and Modem, said Mr. Fesneau whose stance looks to be already a disavowal of the decision taken months ago by the Angers Modem town councillors and their leader, Bernard Dupré to join the Ump list. Mr. Fesneau confirmed that the Modem had not yet endorsed the decision of the Angers Modem and explained that in October Mr. Gérault wanted to go with Mr. Béchu, but not without requirements. "But Christophe Béchu slammed the door in Laurent Gérault's face who, by reaction, decided to establish his own list. That's how it happened", reminded Mr. Fesneau.

Laurent Gérault
If a centrist list gathering Udi and Modem were impossible to launch, Marc Fesneau would so propose to Christophe Béchu a negociation. But would that last accept it? In the meantime, the Modem position in Angers has recently been weakened by the choice of local supporters to follow Mr. Gérault's candidacy and not Mr. Béchu. "It is unconsistent not to give a centrist choice to the Angers electorate", wrote two supporters in a press release which points out that "none of the basic principles adopted by the Modem supporters in spring 2013, like the no holding multiple offices, the Maine banks reconquest, the second route of the tramway, the economic issues" are in the programme of the Ump candidate.  For Mr. Fesneau, "such a dispersion wearies us".

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