24 November, 2013

The Valdemaine synagogue fate looks unclear

Located on Valdemaine street, the Angers synagogue looks to be abandoned since a new religious place has been dedicated in April 2013 to the Angers regular goers of the hebrew cult. Former centre of the religious events of that little community, the Valdemaine synagogue hosted a few years ago a tribute with Angers officials and inhabitants to Ivan Halimi, a young French abducted, tortured then murdered because he was Jew. That drama unleashed a considerable emotion all over the country and that day, the synagogue was the theatre of an intense sharing of grief and sorrow.

Years before, the synagogue had to be monitored by the police after other bloody attacks against jewish
restaurant owners took place in Rosiers street in Paris. By fear of a similar assault, the religious place was protected by a larger pavement with iron fences preventing the parking of a vehicle carrying explosives.

The new Angers synagogue has been set up in the La Doutre distric in an historical building, the Saint-Laurent church dedicated formerly to the catholic, then protestant cults. The project was realized with the help of Angers city hall and the Maine-et-Loire general council. At that time, nothing was said about the fate of the Valdemaine synagogue.

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