14 November, 2013

Christophe Béchu stresses his economic commitments

Christophe Béchu's committee room on voltaire street
Few by few, the candi-dates to the Angers mayor office get organized and start to unveil their proposals about the means they would use, once elected, to strenghen the city. After he opened his committee room, on Voltaire street, Christophe Béchu has introduced two of his fellow candidates : Catherine Leblanc and Jean-Pierre Bernheim. The first, dean of the Ecole supérieure des sciences commerciales d'Angers (Essca) would be in charge of the "standing of the city", a kind of foreign affairs secretary. It is likely Mrs Leblanc will implement a "marketing oriented" approach. The second, manager of Vaslin-Bucher until the end of the current year, will bring to Mr. Béchu his knowledge of the private companies and will be entrusted with the economical development of the town.

One of his opponents, Jean-Luc Rotureau, also announced the arrival in his team of a former deputy-mayor,Christian Cazauba, who is in charge of the Madeleine-Saint-Léonard-Justices district and of Philippe Lahournat, town councillor, both of them coming from the town council majority led by Frédéric Béatse. The first will deal with the financial aspects of Mr. Rotureau's campaign.

Catherine Leblanc (credit Essca)
The econo-mical issues will be a top priority of Christophe Béchu who considered on his web-site that Angers city didn't do what had to be done to win competitiveness. In that field, the arrival of Mrs Leblanc could be useful because the candidate wants to boost employment thanks to students already present in town and to help the local companies to go on foreign markets. Through those two nominations, Mr. Béchu introduces economy in the remits of the city itself what was, untli now, an issue implemented by Angers Loire Métropole. So future antagonisms between the two auhorities about economy could surge after the elections.

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