28 November, 2013

Art-club at the museum

On November 28th from 7.00 pm, the main hall of the Angers museum of fine arts had an atmos-phere of night club, with hostes-ses, drinks, music, blue and red psychelelic lights on the ceilings of that place which usually impress because of their height and force silence people who come there to pay tribute to the heroes of arts. But one of the Angers temple of arts reversed the deal, making the visitors the heroes of the evening. "Yes, we can be heroes" answered the students who were invited by the museum to fit it to their wishes. So the place was entirely revisited by them.

The event year after year gains in success. "Last year we recorded 1 000 students", remembers Amélie Fabien, assignment manager at Angers museums who hopes "the 2013 attendance will go over that threshold". The topic of the heroes was choosen because it's in the air and because it allows interpretations from students who were invited to submit projects of animation. "Twenty were introduced and 15 have been implemented", says Mrs. Fabien. The event is not only nice for students, it is also useful for the museum : "It allows us to see new approaches and to test ideas we couldn't try on the Heritage Day", points out Amélie Fabien who reminds that "students may easily discover Angers museums because their entrance is free all year long for people under 26".

Radio Campus and even a disc-jockey were there to give to the event the lively atmosphere students apparently love.

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