25 November, 2013

Angers students : heroes of the museum next Thursday

The Angers museum of fine arts opens its doors to students on November 28th for a special evening which give to that public an opportunity to configure the place according to their wishes. The topic of the event is titled "We can be heroes", a sentence which is now visible on posters arranged all over the city. The evening, free for students, transforms the fine arts musem in a festive place masterworks and historical items are displayed under an original aspect, removed from the traditonal one, by professionals of museography, artists of the street performance and the students themselves.

So the Angers museum invited students coming from all disciplines taught at the university to be the actors of that 9th edition and a Facebook page gives an idea the ways how the masterworks have been revisited. In order to make the event more lively, disguises will be available and students have been invited to wear fancy dresses. The event starts ar 7.00 pm and ends at midnight.

It is already unwaited that an official event, sponsored by public authorities, be titled in english. Given the pride French resent for their language, that's heroic.

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