26 November, 2013

Rivalvry around the river

The spar between the main candidates to the Angers municipal elections, Frédéric Béatse, current mayor and
his challenger, Christophe Béchu, president of the Maine-et-Loire general council, livens up. The budgetary debate about the resources an expenses of that territorial authority for 2014 gave to a member of Mr. Béatse's list, Anthony Taillefait, former dean of the Angers law school, to criticize Mr. Béchu's management.

A few days before, the news magazine L'Express had published an article about the Maine bank scheme which illustrates the difficulty the city will face to strenghen its assets while the resouces will be stable. For Frédéric Béatse, the project is a major asset of Angers city and is largely endorsed by inhabitants even if its implementation has just began.  According to Christo-phe Béchu, who does not attack head-on the project, that one has some good ideas but its achievement is not realistic in financial, technical and calendar reasons.

The project will be one of the issues of the campaign but it will also mix budgetary arguments for or against its feasability. Beyond those technical arguments, it is clear that the financial management of the territorial authorities, general council or cities, will be one of the topics of the next municipal campaign. The task of the future Angers mayor will be very complicated because of the tensions on the resources and the requirement to give Angers more attractiveness.

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