28 November, 2013

Alain Ducasse opens a new hotel in Foch boulevard on December.

The chain Chateaux et Hotels Collection has announced on its website the opening of a new establishment in Angers from the next month. Located on 21 Foch boulevard in a former mansion built in the XIXth century which had sheltered an Angers management holdings company, the hotel includes 14 rooms which have been arranged by a local set-designer and are available for booking since last October. The place is opened 24 hours a day and is fitted with lift, cable television, strong-box, room service, wifi, internet terminal and high-flow in rooms.

For a long time abandoned, the mansion came back to life with the arrival of a restaurant VF (Version Française) managed by Pascal Favre d'Anne more than two years ago which largely revisited the way food is fastly cooked and eaten. The chef, a Marc Veyrat's pupil, will also be entrusted with the lunches the "21, Foch" will daily serve. The hotel is clearly directed at customers looking for "diversity and authenticity".

Credit : Chateaux et Hôtels Collection
The brand Chateaux et Hotels Collection was founded in 1975 and wants to be a referent of "charming hotels and gourmet restaurants". The chain, managed by Alain Ducasse since 1999, "brings together 700 establishments in 16 countries, the majority based in France and Italy". The choice of the location has nothing to do with chance : "Chateaux et Hotel Collection 'hunts out' rare pearls, eclectic locations inhabited and steeped in history where cuisine and the 'crafters of enjoyment' who bring the place to life play an essential role".

The arrival will surely give confidence to store owners, customers and local representatives who were disappointed after the closure of the Gaumont Variétés a few weeks ago. The"21, Foch" will also help to liven up the boulevard. And, of course, in the establishment, English will be spoken.

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