29 November, 2013

The Eire lands in Angers

Will the Roë street find again its hustle and bustle it had lost the last years? May be. And thanks to the opening, on November 30th, of a "Comptoir Irlandais". That establishment is part of a national chain born 26 years ago in Brest, the most Western town of France, located in a region, Brittany, close to Irland through its traditions and climate. The Comptoir Irlandais includes 42 stores and the Angers one is the latest.

Each of them offers an invitation to travel, through food and beverages as well as clothes, in Ireland. The most well-stocked section of the stores displays beverages : beers (the famous O'Hara's and the mythic Guiness) and whiskies. These are the core of Le Comptoir Irlandais : Irish single mats like The Conemara, pure pot still whiskeys, like Jameson or blended Irish whiskeys like Bushmills, all of them brands loved by Angers connoisseurs. But many others products kids and adults know are also there : biscuits, teas (with scones hmm!), marmalades or typical sauces. A lot of others items are available in the stores : wool pullovers, cardigans, plaids and of course rugby kits!

The Comptoir Irlandais has not yet completed its interior installation and the store fronts are not yet set up. Located at the cross-roads of Roë and Saint-Laud streets, that new shop, which already attracted the Angers consumers on its inaugural day, is close of an Irish tea room  in  L'Espine street, "My Favourite Place". Shamrock grow in downton. That's why that part of the city is turning green.

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