23 November, 2013

Laurent Gérault introduces ethic in Angers electoral campaign and restarts his candidacy

credit picture : Servir Angers website
It is not an alliance but at the minimum a similarity of stances. Laurent Gérault, minority town councillor, and Angers delegate of Union des démocrates indépendants, recently abandoned by two of his supporters before the start of his campaign to Angers mayor office, unveiled on November 22nd the first names of his list, but, above all, introduced some of new rules regarding the way the city will be managed once elected. That ethical code looks to be very similar to the way another candidate, Jean-Luc Rotureau, promises to refer regarding the position and the role of future Angers town councillors. Both say they want to bring back together inhabitants with policy.

Six principles constitute the basis of the code of conduct. One consists in the limit of the number of mandates of the mayor and the deputy mayors : two is a maximum what implies that a person reelected one time will be automatically dismissed. Such a measure would give more independance to the mayor and the deputy mayors and will help new generations of Angers representatives to prepare for responsabilities. Another measure will prevent the same to get other political mandates (specifically member of parliament).  It would also become compulsory to live in Angers before entering in the city council. The wages of town councillors will be lowered by 10%.

Laurent Gérault
Every capital expense above € 10 millions will be automatically submitted to the votes of inhabitants. Through that measures, Laurent Gérault weakened by the withdrawal of two possibles running mates, hopes to be back in the tracks and has recently opened a new website Servir Angers. It is not impossible that Angers voters will be attentive to the political behaviours of candidates first, and later by their platforms.

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