09 November, 2013

Poverty gains power

The next municipal elections will take place with, in the background, an increase of poverty in Angers what points out that, more than ever, the economic recovery and the jobs it may generate, must be at the core of the policies candidates must have in mind. In two years (2010-2012), the number of angevins households increased from roughly 13 000 to 14 000, what is equivalent to 7%.

The proportion of inhabitants living under the threshold of poverty (i.e. with a revenue of 803 euros per month and per capita) is close to 20% of the city population (19%). In 2010, that rate was already of 17% when it was of 15% in France acccording to a survey shown to the city council last year.

Such an increase concerns first of all the youngs (people between 15 and 29 years)  and the poor workers of Angers. From a geographical point of view, the city disctricts most affected by poverty are Monplaisir (34% of its inhabitants live under the poverty threshold), then Belle-Beille (26%), Les Hauts-de-Saint-Aubin (24%), La Roseraie (23%). The others districts (Lac de Maine, Madeleine, Justices, Saint-Léonard, centre ville and La Doutre) record rates equal or under 15%.

The median revenue of inhabitants is 1 451 euros (i.e. 50% of the Angevins are above it and 50% are under it), while is in France 1 562 euros. According to the same parameter, young Angevins earn 1 110 euros per month while elders (between 60 and 74 years) earn 1 730 euros per month. But, less than 20% of Angers inhabitants are elder and more than 31% are young.

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