08 November, 2013

Municipal elections : trilaterally can't be ruled out

From the strategies of Angers political parties, four months and a half before the municipal elections, it is possible to forecast that the second round may be very open. According to the regulations, every list of candidates having got at least 10% of the votes is able to keep going for that second round. In Angers, many alliances may be possible which would give choice to voters between three lists after the first round.

Given Frédéric Béatse, current Angers mayors, has got the support of Europe-Ecologie-Les verts and the
Parti communiste, he will certainly be present for the second round. It is also very likely that Christophe Béchu, president of the Conseil général de Maine-et-Loire and his main challenger, will also be present on the second round. But these could not be alone because Jean-Luc Rotureau and now Laurent Gérault are themselves candidates to Angers mayor office and will not be there only to show their faces. Even alone, each of them could get results exceeding the 10% threshold.

Another player, the Front de gauche, has recently toughly criticized the alliance between the communists and socialists in Angers. Such a stance may not predict that he will support Mr. Béatse for the second round. For the two main contenders, Mr. Béatse and Mr. Béchu, an additional difficulty would come from an alliance between Mr. Gérault and Mr. Rotureau.

If the Angers city council would get nevertheless a clear majority (because the winner of the election gets the half of the seats, the other half being shared by all the lists competing for the second round), that one could be weakened by a trilaterally.

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