05 November, 2013

Electoral topics : the answers are in the questions

Few by few, questions asked by Angers inhabitants to Christophe Béchu are piling up. If some of them are mainly politician, most of them are related to the daily life in town or to the future of that one. If the answers of Mr. Béchu may interest the people who asked the questions, they are also an indication about the concerns of Angers inhabitants. Three kinds of topics, until now, are emerging.

The most numerous are related to Angers itself and express an expectation about what could be done by the future city council whatever be his political direction : the Ralliement square (Mr. Béchu would like it as the symbol of the vegetable vocation of Angers), the traffic by bikes which could be improved (Christophe Béchu promises an inventory of fixtures and to work on the safety aspect of cyclable lanes), the relations between townhall and Angers retail store owners, the closure of the Gaumont Variétés... A lot of topics may point out the wish of a more enlived downtown and are often connected (like the access to the centre by bikers and drivers).

Others issues reflect concerns which are quite national like the fiscal pressure, the possible rising-up of the Front national (on which the candidate says the responsability is common to left and right parties) and the opening of stores on Sundays (Mr. Béchu says, like Frédérique Béatse, he is favourable to the opening of retails stores before end of year Sundays but is less open-minded to the opening of superstores on Sundays). The politician questions are the less numerous but the candidate doesn't avoid them. That formula of exchanges between the candidate and inhabitants looks to match their wishes of direct dialog with candidates.

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