03 November, 2013

An unfortunate publicity for Angers after racist insults to the black justice minister

A mobile phone video recorded by a simple pedestrian walking near Angers justice hall on October 25th where supporters of the mouvement La manif pour tous were gathered was broadcasted by local then national medias. According to that video, the minister of justice, Christiane Taubira, was indeed victim of racist insults shouted by Angers children and their parents in spite of the denegations expressed by officials of La manif pour tous and the Front national Maine-et-Loire delegate, present on the scene.

Many French medias having territorial and national audience, as well as others abroad, dedicated coverages to that topic in which Angers is, unfortunately, associated with details about that insane misconduct. Mrs Taubira who came in Angers to visit new facilities inside the justice hall, was also caught by the Angers lawyers about the scheme of a new prison. Those issues were, of course, completely overshadowed by the behaviour of the persons gathered by La manif pour tous, a movement hostile to the openess of the marriage to persons of the same sex even if that measure is now legal.

That event was mentioned in the national assembly and triggered numerous fierce - and justified - disapprovals. The american Mail online reported the case and pointed out the insults were due because of Mrs Taubira is black. It is sure the city didn't want to see its name associated to such shameful misconduct.

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