24 November, 2013

Angers, among the most "business friendly" towns

Several times rewarded regarding its quality of life, Angers has been recently ranked among the ten first business friendly French cities, according to a survey published by L'Entreprise-L'Expansion. The infrastructures, the education and the ecosystem were the main criterias of the ranking and Angers was 9th among the cities having between 200 000 and 500 000 inhabitants. Given the economic atmosphere of the town and its area, rather depressed by the increase of the unemployment rate above the level of the national rate, that news is rather encouraging.

Education is the most important asset of Angers whose rank is number 6, followed by the ecosytem elements (number 9) then the infrastructures (the town is 19th). The details about the third criteria include the time of the travel by train between Angers and Paris. The current developments on the line at Sablé, aimed at shortening the trip (today 90 mn), should improve the ranking of the town.

"More than a satisfaction, that ranking is a support and strenghens the curent dynamic which aims to make of our assets a leverage for the influence of Angers, a city which is becoming more and more important in the national and international landscape", said the Angers mayor, Frédéric Béatse. Caen and Nancy are the only towns, with a smaller population, better classified in the national ranking.

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