28 November, 2013

The electoral campaign between main candidates livens up through their supporters

The debate between two of the candidates to the 2014 Angers municipal elections still livens up. One of the closest supporters of Christophe Béchu, the Avrillé mayor, Marc Laffineur, criticized yesterday Angers Loire Métropole, the authority gathering more than 30 towns and villages around Angers and presided by Jean-Claude Antonini, about its partisan nature. A few days ago, Anthony Taillefait, one of the supporters of Christophe Béatse, current mayor, had  blamed Christophe Béchu, president of  the Maine-et-Loire general council for his financial management of the structure.

The Biopole, a facility for the up-grading of households' wastes, focuses the critics of Mr. Laffineur. According to that one, the structure which cost € 65 millions, doesn't run appropriately. "One made us believe that it was the best technic for the processing of wastes. All the experiences in France ended in a failure", comments Mr. Laffineur who suspect the former Angers mayor to have set up that facility "in order to get the support of ecologists [today Frédéric Béatse's allies]. This is obviously a partisan behaviour". That led Jean-Claude Antonini to remind that Marc Laffineur, vice-president of Angers Loire Métropole, "has voted in favour of all the decisions of Alm regarding the Biopole facility" adding that Alm is "a target which allows the Avrillé mayor to exist at low costs".

Until now, the candidates to Angers mayor office avoided oppor-tunities for a direct quarrel even if, from times to times, critics agains their adversary appear. But these are more orientated towards the past than the future.

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