05 November, 2013

The electoral campaign gains in hardness

The documents about the next municipal elections which were at the agenda of the last meeting of the city council on October 4th give to the inhabitants an overview of the supposed strenghts and weaknesses of the main candidates and the topics which will be in the core of the public debate. According to the analysts of Euro Rscg, one of the largest integrated marketing communication agencies in the world, the debate will be dominated by the battle between Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu (what is not really a scoop). The agency remarks that the national results of the socialist policy could hamper the position of the current mayor.

Each of the candidates has its "plus" and "less". Mr. Béchu can bet on his "perceived dynamism",  his "competence" but is also seen as a "person always running for offices" and "his capacity to change the favourite balances of the population thouroughly social democrat". On the other side, Mr. Béatse is credit of an "ability to listen" and "to federate energies" but has to work on his "charism".

Another society Conseils, analyses et perspectives (Cap) points out that if the inhabitants are confident in the assets of their town, a wide majority thinks that there is a risk Angers looses its jobs and that the economic development should be a top-priority in the years to come (what is neither a scoop). A good point is granted to the current mayor about the management of the financial resources and Mr. Béatse should continue a direct dialog whit inhabitants, especially on the issue of the new school schedules which failed to win unanimous support.

These studies and others triggered a fierce debate among town councillors, the minority considering those are part of electoral and not municipal expenses.

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