02 November, 2013

All Saints Day : Crisis Anthem

The economic crisis has an impact on the All Saints Day and on the funeral business. According to profes-sionals, the expenses dedicated by families for their relatives who passed away have lowered and the sell of chrysanthemum is also declining. In fact, the attention persons dedicated formerly to their relatives is now less important than it was. People are maybe more self-centred and less wealthy what, given the economic situation, is rather understandable.

The time for graves made of marble and granite is perhaps "passing away". The mood is rather on little and collective monuments where only memorial stones are set up for members of a family. Angers city itself promotes for environmental reasons cementaries having the look of gardens like those which exist in English speaking countries with their graves dispatched in lawns planted of trees and bushes. By itself, such a  mood is in accordance with the French public opinion which is always looking for equality in life. Why that goal would not be sought out for the deads.

Credit pictures : Angers city
The chrysan-themum producers of the Angers area also make a long face. Their turnover has declined this year and the All Saints Day is one of the most impor-tant event for their business. And the trend in favor of natural gardens could not be a favourable element. 

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