20 November, 2013

Laurent Gérault's candidacy weakened by the withdrawal of two important supporters

Laurent Gérault
Things are getting much more complicated than predicted for Laurent Gérault, town councillor excluded by the minority side of the city council, who, as delegate of the Union des démocrates indépendants (Udi), is candidate to the Angers municipal elections. Two of his most important supporters, Dominique Richard, former member of parliament and Jeanne Robinson-Behre, first deputy mayor of Avrillé and regional councillor, have decided to withdraw from the list Mr. Gérault is about to constitute. The first had already announced his decision ten days ago, the second has just made up her mind.

Dominique Richard
Both of them have decided to join Christophe Béchu, the Union pour une majorité populaire candidate and main challenger of Frédéric Béatse, Parti socialiste, current Angers mayor. Mr. Béchu's candidacy is of course strengthened by these two stepping-down which could be changed in an official support, Mrs Robinson-Behre being due to meet soon Ump candidate. The centrist family Mr. Gérault is a member had itself been weakened by the different rallyings decided by the Mouvement democrate (Modem) and the Parti radical, both led by Bernard Dupré and Daniel Dimicoli, minority town councillors, in favor of Mr. Béchu while the Udi was in favor of Mr Gérault.

Jeanne Robinson-Behre
Was that evolution foreseen by Jean-Luc Rotureau, leftist main challenger of Mr. Béatse, when, a few days ago, he $ announced he will gather in his list people having good ideas "wherever they come from". The defections of Mrs Robinson-Behre and Mr Richard could made difficult the presence of Mr. Gérault for the second round of municipal elections for lack of getting more than 10% of voters. A refusal to consider Mr. Rotureau's offer will lead him to surrender to Christophe Béchu.

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