18 November, 2013

Jean-Luc Rotureau's campaign livens up and leaves room for alliances

Jean-Luc Rotureau doesn't want to be outdistanced in the electoral campaign for the municipal elections due to take place at the end of March 2014. In the next days, 80 000 copies of a letter he wrote to the Angevins will be distributed. The text is at the same time a critic against candidates who consider policy is a way of carreer and an openess to possible alliances with candidates whose opinions and projects match his own ones. And Laurent Gérault could be the main addressee of such a letter.

" My sensitivity and my itinerary are leftist. Nevertheless, my thoughtful belief is that the management of a city needs to look for good ideas wherever they come from, with pragmatism and common sense, without sectarism", writes Mr. Rotureau who plans to unveil a list "in the months to come" probably because he knows very well that the electoral campaign is far from being over. Some of the opinions the candidate develops look to be close of those of Mr. Gérault regarding, specifically, the promise he will not increase local taxes which could restrain the households' resources.

If Jean-Luc Rotureau doesn't detail what includes the words "by other means" ("autrement") which were the headline of his campaign, he comes back once again about the way "the Angers mayor office and the city have been kidnapped". Well aware about the polarizatrion of the campaign in favour of Frédéric Béatse and Christophe Béchu, Mr. Rotureau would gain weight through an alliance with Mr Gérault. That one could be a way to weigh "by other means"' on the outcome of the elections.

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