10 October, 2013

Young Angevins : mad in English (movies)

A lot of Angers inhabitants may have noticed that English words were more and more present in their daily life. The pedestrians can see the ads, the slogans and even the names of the stores using English words. Few by few, these elements come in the mind of people and it not surprising that, in Angers, the most famous band, Pony Pony Run Run, whose two members are Angers natives, only performs... in English.

Another trend illustrates the interest of inhabitants to the Shakes-peare’s language : the screening of movies in their original version which is, most of the time, English. And the Les 400 Coups theatre is now the reference for local spectators. "I remember that, in the past, we were only three or four people in the rows when a movie was screened in its original version", says Adrien Picardeau who came to Les 400 Coups when he was a kid and is now, as an IT consultant, in charge of the electronic systems for that theatre.

"Now, the movie theaters are crowded when The King's speech or The Butler or big productions are distributed. There is especially a true enthusiasm from students". According to Mr. Picardeau,  "Youngs want to see the movies as soon as possible. So they watch them in their original version".

Adrien Picardeau is a fierce advocate of movies in their original language and notices that an English series recently broadcasted by the Bbc losts its original taste once translated and (badly) adapted by a French channel for the domestic audience. "Foreign movies translated in French are simply not what they were in their original version.  Would French people watch, in England, a French movie translated in English?", asks Adrien who adds that "Movies in their original dialogs, intonations and accents really educate language ear".

Regarding Angers, «In many towns of the same size, the local audience simply does not have choice between an original and a French version. Angevins are incredibly lucky with the Les 400 Coups".

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