22 October, 2013

Angers on Tf1, number one for seniors

The Tf1 television channel has dedicated part of its news bulletin of October 22th to Angers as a city where life is good for seniors, after the weekly L'Express ranked the town number one for that population. In a report filmed in the city and introduced by Jean-Pierre Pernault, the anchorman of the mid-day bulletin, Tf1 gives the floor to persons having choosen Angers for their retirement. If, of course, sweet life goes along with healthy life for the channel's editors, the reasons why elders now live in Angers are clarified and may give ideas to the current, and future, managers of the town.

The pedestrians interviewed by Tf1 point out that they can rely on the health facilities available in Angers in coutryside, it's a medical desert". Those also notice that "there are many activities in which seniors may involve". But, what is especially attractive is the size of the city : with 230 000 inhabitants, the Angers metropolis has still at a "human scale" where "everything one may need can be easily found". The setting of the citty is appreciated because "there are a lot of gardens" and Angers has "a low density".
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If all the statements of the inhabitants the tv channel met were not filmed, the reporters have been told that "the coexistence of heritage and contemporary culture" on either bank of the Maine as well as the public transports, were something useful for older citizens "who drain their chidren and grandchildren", remark Tf1, all convinced that "Angers is a city for the future", even if they don't say it is their one.

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