08 October, 2013

Two candidates to Angers mayor office give the line

Laurent Gérault
The disappearance of the Gaumont has been immediately seized by the challengers of the current town council as a additional evidence of its "passiveness". For Christophe Béchu (conservative), "That closing is especially damaging because the city council was aware about the weakness of that cinema. Its [disappearance] illustrates once again the passiveness of the city council and the failure of its action". Laurent Gérault (centre) sees in that fact "the slow decline of the downtown, without unequivocal reaction of the town council".

Christophe Béchu
According to Mr. Béchu, that situation is also due to "an incoherent circulation plan which asphyxiates Angers centre and prohibitive parking fares". The minority town councillor, Mr. Gérault, urges the town "to involve in the management of activities along Foch boulevard". Both question the town council majority about its period to react.

For that majority, the mayor, Frédéric Béatse, announced that he will soon have a meeting with all the partners of the movie activity and others in order to devise what could take place there : "I think there is room for a cultural offer in that location and I'am ready to think up what could revive it". If Mr. Béatse confirms he was aware of the Gaumont stance "foreseen a long time ago", he precises he unsuccessfully intervened several times towards Gaumont to prevent the closing. "I believe in a varied offer, additional to that of Les 400 Coups", he said.

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