24 October, 2013

The municipal campaign is becoming tougher

Credit : maine-et-loire.gouv.fr
The debate between the two main challengers of the Angers municipal elections is becoming tougher. The recent verbal exchange about the central police station is an illustration of that. After a visit, on October 22nd, the director of the French police announced that the Angers police station, located, Dupetit-Thouars street, will not be transferred but renovated. If that news is a good news, it constituted nevertheless an issue to start hostilities. And Christophe Béchu pulled out first.

"The annoncement of the renovation of the police station goes in the direction I always recom-mended", said Mr. Béchu adding that, "if that is a good news for the policemen and the inhabitants", nevertheless, he "deplores the lateness of the scheme because of the [Angers] town council mistake" that one having suggested that the police station could be settled in the Saint-Serge district "on a floodplain". Adressed to Frédéric Béatse, visibly concerned not to get into the argument, it is Jean-Claude Bachelot, deputy-mayor in charge of town planning, who replied.

Mr. Bachelot
After that one reminded that the file was quite old, he pointed out that Frédéric Béatse talked about that topic with the new prefect and with the French prime minister last July adding that the city was indeeed available to earmark a field to that building. "But that field is not located in a foodplain", said Mr. Bachelot who denouced the fact that "the Ump candidate to municipal elections uses every opportunity to create controversy where there is none".

The cost of the renovation would sum up to € 10 millions and nothing has been said about the date of the start of the works. The real good news will come later...

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