25 October, 2013

Economy, Frédéric Béatse unveils his method : dialog and stability with the local businessmen

In a long article published in his blog, Frédéric Béatse, current Angers mayor and candidate to his own succession next year, discloses the assets he bets on to boost the city economy as well as his method to do so. "A city where life is nice is a strong advantage to win over investors and to attract talented persons", he explains. Regarding the strenghs of the local economy, Mr. Béatse reminds that "some top priority sectors have been defined in cooperation with managers". If the mayor doesn't detail the nature of those sectors, two of them are already public : the vegetable and the electronic, both of them provided with a structure, Vegepolys for the first and the electronic campus for the other.

The method in which Frédéric Béatse believes relies on a dialog between the city and the economy represen-tatives. "Only such a dialog is able to set up a safe and stable context allowing businessmen to invest and create jobs", he writes, pointing out that an economic development master plan which is implementable during the next four years has been devised with the economic decision-makers. The mayor indicates that he will have to come back about the issue "in the weeks to come because economy and jobs are my top-priorities for the next whole term" while the last figures of unemployment notice a new worsening of the situation with an increase of 9% of the number of
joblesses between september 2012 and september 2013 in Maine-et-Loire.

Credit pictures : Angers city and Frédéric Béatse's blog
That leads the candidate to tell to the inhabitants his vision of the mayor duties. After he said that he consi-dered "a mayor is not a manager and a manager is not a mayor", Frédéric Béatse insists on the fact he is neither the legislator. Recognizing that "the globalisation has considerably increased the competition with our economy", the candidate thinks that "the part of the mayor is to gather the most favourable conditions for the success of local companies".

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