05 October, 2013

The weekend bread with La Cocagne

Located at the junction of Saint-Laud and Roë streets, the La Cocagne bakery is one of the most frequented of Angers city. Probably because, for years, it is opened on Sundays. In the middle of a less lively downtown on lord's day, the hungry customers look to be magnetized by the lighted front windows of the store. Smells of croissants escape from the double doors as soon as 7 h 00 when merrymakers understand it's time for breakfast before to go to bed. And one of the produces people love is precisely freshly baked bread.

For Patrick Le Drogo, baker, it could be inconceivable not to open on Sundays. "We do the most important sales on Sunday. They are the double of the other days", he says. And the customers look to have a different behaviour : "They are less in a hurry, they have more time. They tell us it's pleasant to be able to buy their bread on Sundays". According to Mr. Le Drogo, men could be more numerous on Sundays than on the others days and moreover "have more inclination to buy bread than women. And on Sunday, we sell more pastries than bread".

Regarding his employees who work by shifts for the end of the week, "they would prefer not to be here on these days but they know that the sales are the double compared to the others days". Nevertheless, Patrick Le Drogo doesn't seem to be a fanatic regarding the opening of stores on Sundays. "Bread and handbag are different items, so different acts of buying", he points out. "The current debate about the opening of stores on Sundays is in the interest of the supermarkets. Sunday allow families to do other things than buying and certainly the opening of all stores the 7th day will be the death of the retail trade".

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