21 October, 2013

Resentments and dissents are what keeps Angers policy going

As the Angers municipal elections come closer, the reality of the relationships on the left, between the centre and the left,  and between the centre and the right of the local political exchequer are resurfacing and could possibibly become more strained. On the left, a book entitled "La machine à perdre" due to be published within a month by a former editor of the daily Ouest-France, Alain Machefer, casts some light on the links between Jean-Luc Rotureau, former deputy mayor and Jean-Claude Antonini, former Angers mayor.

In 2011, they were detestable on the evidence of mails between those two persons. At that time, rumours were made public by Angers medias about a possible resignation of Mr. Antonini before the end of his office (2014). Those rumours led Jean-Luc Rotureau to send a message to Jean-Claude Antonini. In this mail, Mr. Rotureau, which even doesn't write with a salutation to the mayor because he thinks that would be "hypocritical", urges that one to summon a meeting gathering several persons, including himself.

The mayor rejects Mr. Rotureau's offer, pointing out that he will leave office according his own choices and without gives his deputy-mayor to under-stand that he will be the next mayor. That was "a sounding smack", writes Mr. Machefer. Since that incident, the links between Jean-Luc Rotureau and Jean-Claude Antonini are definitevely cut as well as those between Mr. Rotureau and Frédéric Béatse, because that one was finally promoted Angers mayor. Angers inhabitants are now aware about the resentment of Mr. Antonini towards his deputy.

Recently Jean-Luc Rotureau, in a tweet to Samia Ghali, unlucky candidate after socialist primaries, sparked more controversy making a clear allusion to the Angers situation,  "All my support to Samia. In Marseille or Angers, we have to give agina meaning to politics"... But the left side of the Angers political circles could not have the monopoly of quarrels. With the hesitations in the centre about the alliance with the right or the left, or even between the forces of centre, other dissents could surge.

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