01 October, 2013

Manhattan'store opens in Saint-Aubin street

Credit Picture : Manhattan'store Facebook 
Angevins love food. Angers restaurants are, even if the economic situation is depressing, among the most crowded places, especially on Saturdays. But, the interest of Angers inhabitants is not limited to French food. A lot of restaurants offering foreign cuisine are running in Angers.

And it is obvious that, in the variety of restaurants, the American are some of the most visited. McDonald's, Quick Burger or Subway will now deal with a new competitor : Manhattan' Store which has opened a restaurant in Saint-Aubin street.

The concept was born in New York where hot dogs, prepared in Manhattan'streets on food-trolleys, taste different from those that are eaten in France. So Manhattan'store reproduces identically in France the recipes used in  Usa.  The Facebook page of the company publishes news about the opening of the Angers store while about 400 stores are running in France and different countries. If French customers love food, French businessmen love it too. Manhattan'store with 100% American recipes is 100% French.

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