25 October, 2013

Warnings about the jail of dangers

Christiane Taubira - Credit : ministry of justice 
The travel of the minister of justice, Christiane Taubira, in Angers, in order to visit the new installations of the justice hall gave to Christophe Béchu, as Maine-et-Loire senator, an opportunity to draw her attention about the current conditions of the prison. That one, built in 1856 (2nd empire...), is regularly the target of critics from Maine-et-Loire left and right representatives, Corinne Bouchoux herself senator, Marc Goua, member of parliament and Mr. Béchu. In a question to Mrs. Taubira, that one points out"the necessity to built as soon as possible a new penitenciary on Angers territory".

Credit picture : Corinne Bouchoux's website
Mr. Béchu and Mrs Bouchoux, the first conservative and the second ecologist, describe the place as "dilapidated", offering "undeserving conditions of detention" and "permanently overpopulated" : the building would host 400 inmates while it had been devised for the half. The government answered to Christophe Béchu that "recent works of improvement had been implemented" and "contributed to improve the life conditions of the inmates" but didn't talk about a new penitenciary, "the only way to solve the central problem : the over-population".
Credit : Christophe Béchu

A scheme about the transfer of the Angers prison was discussed in 2010 (as in the case of the central police station) in another location around Angers. Trélazé of which Mr. Goua is the mayor had been foreseen. According to Mrs Bouchoux who visited the Angers penitenciary last year, "a general awareness of the situation is essential".

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