02 October, 2013

The Angers managers invited to give ideas in order to "Make France win"

The president of the Mouvement des entreprises de France (Medef), Pierre Gattaz, will meet in Angers on October 10th the local managers in order to get their ideas regarding his national project titled "2020 - Make France win". The main objectives of the employer's strategy are "to lower the unemployment rate at less than 7%, to decrease the debt, to get a positive result on foreign trade and to reduce the public sphere to the European level without deteriorating the quality of public utilities".

Pierre Gattaz (Credit : Medef)
The method followed by Mr. Gattaz consists in a partnership with its territorial Medef (in Angers, the Medef Anjou) whose local managers are members. But the Medef says that other contributions coming from associations, citizens and even trade unions will be welcomed. Six aspects should be discussed on October 10th. Some are linked to the companies themselves : the development of their anticipation in order to make easier their permanent adaptability to changes, the increase of partnerships in order to get best competitiveness, the restoration of margins in order to increase their investment capability. Others are rather turned towards their backgrounds : the thriving of staffs, the environment protection and, last but no least, a better understanding between businesses and public sphere along with citizens.

These topics should not let Angers managers indifferent. According to recent statistics of the Angers commercial court, the economic conditions are not at their best. The number of companies having declared difficulties to the jurisdiction has increased as the number of employees having lost their jobs. [In order to attend : Medef Anjou]

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